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Legal Notice - GMI ilerimplant Group

By the obligation of information arranged in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Comerce, next the following data is reflected:
  • The titular company of this page Web is ILERIMPLANT, SL, adressed in Pol. Ind. The Segre, c/ Enginyer Mies, 705 A, 25191 of Lleida, with C.I.F.: B25506833 and E-mail info@ilerimplant.com.
  • The information contained in www.ilerimplant.com constitutes an information service of the diverse services that ILERIMPLANT SL offers within the manufacture of dental implantology, and where access is given to other contents of the sector of diverse nature.



The access to www.ilerimplant.com demands the acceptance of the conditions of use that at every moment are effective in this Web.


The source code, the graphical designs, the images, the photographies, the animations, software, the texts, as well as the information and the contents that are reflected in www.ilerimplant.com are protected by the Spanish legislation on the rights of intellectual and industrial property in favor of ILERIMPLANT, SL, and it is not allowed the total or partial reproduction of this Web, nor its treatment, public communication, distribution, diffusion, modification, transformation or decompilation, without the previous and written permission of ILERIMPLANT, SLin accordance with the arranged in articles 32 and 8 second paragraph of the Law of Intellectual Property.

The user, unique and exclusively will be able to use the material that appears in this one Web for its personal and private use, being prohibited his use with commercial aims or illicit activities. All the rights derived from the intellectual property are reserved specifically to ILERIMPLANT, SL.

ILERIMPLANT, SL will guard by the observance of the previous conditions and for the due use of the contents presented/displayed in their site, having exercised all the civil actions and penal that correspond in the case of infraction or non-fulfillment of these rights by the user.



The access to the Website or its use does not imply a collection of of the user's personal data by ILERIMPLANT, SL. However, it is said that, in case ILERIMPLANT, SL asks for personal data, will inquire properly to the user according to the established in Statutory law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Personal data.

The Personal Data that are requested in the forms or analogous documents will be objective of mixed treatment and they will be incorporated to the corresponding files, which ownership corresponds to ILERIMPLANT, SL.

The collection and mixed treatment of the Personal data have, as an objective, the maintenance of the contractual relation that if so settles down with ILERIMPLANT, SL, as well as the management, administration, information, benefit and improvement of the services that the user decides to contract.

ILERIMPLANT, SL has adopted the measures of technical and organizational nature necessary to guarantee the security of the data and to avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, considering the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to that they are exposed, or come from the human action or by physical or natural means. Technical and organizative measures would be adopted to reach the basic objectives in matter of security, the confidentiality, understood like the limitation of access to the information by nonauthorized people; the integrity, understood like the maintenance of the trustworthy information and with quality, and the availability, understood like the guarantee of access to the Information system by the request of an authorized user.



Solely for the cases that are acceded to the Web www.ilerimplant.com by external links or banners from a ILERIMPLANT, SL affiliate cookies will be used. The cookies are small archives that our computer sends to yours, but they do not provide information to us nor your name, nor on any other personal character data, consisting solely with the object of functionality, security and statistics. The cookies that we use cannot read data of your computer nor read the cookies that existed in your computer of other websites. If you want you can configure your navigator so that it warns you when it is receiving a cookie. If the user decides that its computer does not receive these cookies, this will not deny access to the information on www.ilerimplant.com



ILERIMPLANT, SL provides confidentially to each of their clients a name of user and a password of access, which is unique, personal and intransferable, being required condition to accede to certain services included in the Web.

The user commits itself to preserve the confidentiality of his password, being able to ask for his modification in case of loss, acknowledge by other people or any other circumstance who prevent or make difficult the normal operation of their access.

ILERIMPLANT, SL reserves discretionarily the right to annul the access password of some user when evidences of illicit uses are presumed.

The user assumes the total responsibility and, therefore, all the obligations that are derived from the use of the different services and products to which he accedes with access key or by the use of them that third people could accede with the user's password.



ILERIMPLANT, SL does not take responsibility of the possible damages that can happen as a result of the use of the contents of the Web, being of exclusive responsibility of the user who accedes to the same.

In the same sense, ILERIMPLANT, SL is not responsible of other possible damages that can be derived from the use of a nonupdated version or defective navigator, of interruptions in the connection that take place during the data transmission, virus, failure or disconnection in the operation of the telematics system, of blockades caused by deficiencies or overloads of the telephone lines, as well as of damages brought about by third people by means of interferences non authorized.

The Web of ILERIMPLANT, SL contains links to other Websites that can be from interest for the users. ILERIMPLANT, SL does not assume any responsibility on these connections, not being able to guarantee the fulfillment of suitable Policies of Privacy. The user accedes to the content of the referred Websites in their own conditions of use and under its exclusive responsibility.

ILERIMPLANT, SL is not responsable of the breach of any applicable norm which the user can incur in his access to the Web www.ilerimplant.com and/or in the use of the information contained in it.

ILERIMPLANT, SL reserves the right to interrupt or to deny discretionarily, at any time and without needing previous warning, the access of any user to the contents of restricted access, when some of the described circumstances concur

ILERIMPLANT, SL tries periodically to review the content of their links. However, it is impossible at every moment to know the concrete content of the linked sites. By that, we ask for the collaboration of any user who accedes to the referred contents if they find contents against legality, moral or public order, to communicate that fact to us by e-mail info@ilerimplant.com



Definitively, the user is the unique person in charge of the uses that realizes of the services, contents, links and hypertexts included in the Web www.ilerimplant.com


Legal notice on data collection

In accordance with article 5 of the Statutory law 15/1999 Personal Data Protection, ILERIMPLANT, SL informs that the personal data that may be provided to us by filling this form, will be properly included in a registered file by its ownership, in order to give answer to his request and to inform on our services and products.

Filling this form implies that the sender accepts the conditions and recognizes that the data indicated in it is his, exact and certain. In order to exert your rights of access, rectification, opposition or cancellation, you will have to follow the terms and conditions that are related in our Policy of Privacy.